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5 Types of Men to Avo March 28, 2011

Siblings of opposition and our wider system of feminine buddies have already been disappointed aided by the kinds of males whom, we discovered, squeeze into the categories that are below. In this essay, we describe their dominating and behaviour that is emotionally manipulative describe their loves, dislikes, traits, abilities and expressions in order to easily recognize and steer clear of them.

But, this list just isn’t exhaustive — there are many others dangerous forms of males, including combinations for the below. With this thought, SoR presents:

1. The ball player or Choose Up Artist. The gamer is smooth, charming and also the epitome of the women’ guy.


He seemingly have a knack for once you understand exactly what to express as soon as to state this, frequently causing you to wonder whether or otherwise not he could be too good to be real. In the event that you wonder this, trust your gut — this might be most likely the outcome.

LIKES Himself, Ladies, Intimacy, Being the thing of Attention/Desire

DISLIKES Facebook (Baitbook), Being Caught Playing


Usually has (or discusses having) expensive/fast automobiles, mentions homes, holiday breaks, music videos, brand new jobs/business some a few some ideas that never appear to appear. Unique attention compensated to just just how he dresses/looks/smells, etc. Funny, witty. Apt to be the main one to ramp the intensity up of this relationship first but will not function as the anyone to mention relationship-related topics.


Flirting – a.k.a. Game. Includes sweet-talking, teasing, winding or buttering you up. Functions difficult to persuade you he’s your dream become a reality. Based on their life style he might be much better only at that via text/e-mail/phone compared to individual.

Quasi-listening – May be seemingly an individual listener but hardly ever responds in level to what you state. Modifications the niche quickly him, or a topic over which he feels he has more command and control after you have expressed your thoughts to something that is more interesting to.

Sex – The Player is usually uncommonly good during sex, and may also even may actually understand how to read the body, leading to the impression you are supposed to be together. In the event that you encounter some body with your skills that are unusual continue with care.


A. For himself: “God’s present to ladies, ” an “artist” or “poet, ” “The Man”, makes use of $ in their title

B. For you/other ladies: darling, babe, princess, sexy (see additionally: Lies of Affection )

C. Other/General: “We may do such a thing, get anywhere. ” “Let me understand and I’ll make that happen. ”

2. The Abuser / Narcissist. The Abuser/Narcissist starts away loving and charming but with time starts to break straight down your self-confidence,


Separates you against your pals, and household, and becomes emotionally or actually abusive. They need their target become prepared to endure their punishment also to label this willingness “love. ” They’re exceptionally possessive, jealous, and managing and can head to any lengths to prevent you against closing the partnership. They shall blame you for many for this behavior.

LIKES Himself (towards the point of obsession). Happy obedience. Apologies. Control and fear.

DISLIKES Being corrected or challenged. Your separate idea. Your girlfriend buddies.


Draws you in with a personality that is vibrant may sing, tell stories or jokes, or otherwise cause you to laugh. Might go towards the fitness center and get enthusiastic about his look. May shock you with unexpected defensiveness or outbursts that are aggressive. Will passionately insist that he’s making a unique work for you personally over fundamental interactions, e.g. Calling you, coming round for a trip, texting you straight right back. If the expresse words “headfuck” and “crazymaking” come in your thoughts, maybe you are working with a Narcissist Abuser. He desires to drive you that are“crazy replace your knowledge of truth along with his, by which he could be the centre, to ensure he might carry on their abuse.

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